My (Mischievous) Thoughts On “Man Of Steel” – Part II

(Whoa there! This is the final part. Click here to read the previous if you haven’t! 😀 )

1. Osama, Waldo, Carmen Sandiego Ain’t Got Nothing On Superman

For those of you who don’t know, let’s get a quick lesson:
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My (Mischievous) Thoughts On “Man Of Steel”

If you haven’t watched “Man of Steel”, be warned that this post contains many spoilers. Do NOT read if you don’t want any suspense removed!
Also, if you don’t have any sense of humour, do NOT read on as well. Just go home with your sour self. :p )

So I (finally) watched “Man of Steel” recently, and I LOVED it! The makers brought joy to my geeky heart, and I enjoyed watching it with its glorious dialogue and make sense action (did you see Superman’s continual breaking of the sound barrier?!)



However, when some of the euphoria wore off, I decided to become a little mischievous, and point out some ‘issues’ I discovered in the movie. Some of these issues were subtle; others, not so much.

So…join me in satirizing exploring the three of them?
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On Lucid Dreams…

(Quick fact: The vast majority of people forget 50% of what they just dreamt about within the first five minutes of waking up, and 90% within ten! An easy way to avoid this is to rush to write down your dream immediately on waking…)

Ever had a lucid dream before?

Oh wait…you haven’t even heard of ‘lucid dreams’? Well then, let me give a brief intro… Please read on!

The Mystery of The Krazan (and other pending mysteries)

Every now and then, a puzzle comes my way, and I…find it hard to resist. Verily, my brain must’ve given up trying to reason with me. Essentially, it has succumbed that I will hardly let a riddle or mystery (or Sudoku!) pass me by unsolved. Riddles are just…wonderful! 😀

You are probably wondering, why this intro?
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Danfo Gists

Honestly, the world is full of nothing short of utter variety…

I’ve been doing quite some running around lately, and this has afforded me the chance of boarding a lot of danfos (that’s ‘public buses’ to you non-Nigerians, and ‘death-traps’ to you tush Nigerians; moving on…)

Sancho Panza! The UTTER randomness of the people and events in these things…I keep getting flooded with reminders that this life was created to be wonderful and enjoyed, even the weirdest moments your brain couldn’t possibly make-believe…yes, not even if you were on any LSDs…

…which is what I shall be sharing here, hopefully. I even already wrote one a while back. Gosh, terrible writer that I am, I hope I’m able to do a good job of communicating these situations. Some will be fictional; others will be so random fiction couldn’t POSSIBLY dream it up. Most will have a moral (you know me), and the others…well, the moral might just be to savour life’s moments and/or see the bigger picture…

Enjoy ’em. Be inspired. Or hiss at my terrible story telling. Whatevs…

Wait…don’t hiss; laugh. Yeah, that’s better: laugh at my terrible story telling…at least that way I’m not to blame for raising your cortisol levels…

Unearthening Ancient History…

“Let’s give up,” the first researcher moans. “There’s nothing to be found here.”

His companion, also a researcher, isn’t listening, as he’s too busy keeping hope alive.

“Come now, let’s just go through these caves once more.”

“Why are you so disgustingly optimistic?”

“Oh? So you want me to be like you, and go and tell our sponsors and grant money-givers that ‘Two years and $1million in the fabled Elusian caves yielded nothing’, right?”

*The first researcher ponders, a light bulb clicking above his head.* “We must go through these caves once more,” he announces as he takes the lead, with his companion chuckling. Please read on!