The Mystery of The Krazan (and other pending mysteries)

Every now and then, a puzzle comes my way, and I…find it hard to resist. Verily, my brain must’ve given up trying to reason with me. Essentially, it has succumbed that I will hardly let a riddle or mystery (or Sudoku!) pass me by unsolved. Riddles are just…wonderful! 😀

You are probably wondering, why this intro?

One fine day years ago, I was perusing Facebook when I happened on the word ‘Krazan’ – say what? Never had I heard of it – but she was using it EVERYWHERE, even in her blog name and url! Every neuron in my brain fired in anticipation. So, I set about trying to decrypt it.

Hebrew, Latin or Greek? Online/Dictionary searches yielded nothing! Uggh! -___-

Laughter followed the realization that the coiner had ‘broken the rules’, and formed their own unique code with its own unique key, which was outside any known language – loads more tasking for my brain of course -__- (which is what makes it fun! 🙂 ).

‘Deolu, think…what could ‘Krazan’ mean?!’

Like a detective, this tin hounded me for months – had to push it to my subconscious eventually (since I REFUSED to just plain ask the author what it meant!)

‘One riddle took months?!’ you say? Vexing, shameful truth – don’t remind me! Especially since the answer was so obviously in front of my face the whole time… -__-

Get this: on another fine day, in the place where it’s been somewhat unanimously agreed that all brilliant ideas hit mortals, the answer hit me like a ton of bricks.

On comprehending it, I could only laugh, and then…laugh some more! So that was it all along, eh? Deolu Adeleye, how could it have taken you this long to get? it chided.



  1. If you haven’t gotten the meaning of ‘Krazan’ yourself, well…it’s not my place to reveal it – that’s the author’s. I shall do so if I get due permission. 😀
  2. I am currently working on my next one – the meaning of ‘Demorrieaux’. Contrary to what it looks like, it’s NOT French, and I’m already baffled – making the challenge more sweet. 😀 (do check out her blog – good, impactful truths and reads!)
  3. There is another one though – I’m (slightly) wondering why one head has two hats. Meh…knowing the author of this, that might prove impossible to solve – which makes it oh so tempting! #MOREbafflingMorefun! 😀
  4. Finally, for those of you who like puzzles and cryptic stuff, guess what? Inside this very blog post is hidden a secret message! *tee hee* Your only clue is this:

    ‘the answer is in the first…and it starts with everyone.’

    Uggh…I’ve gon’ and made it too easy! Can you figure it out though? How long will it take you? Have at thee! 😀
    (if no one gets it, and if pressure is mounted, I’ll cave in and give another clue)

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