Lessons From a Bucket Of Water

One on patience…another on activities behind the curtain…now that I think about it, it’s amazing the amount of musings I had during NYSC camp (go figure, what with all the time, and boredom!) Today’s story is yet another from what is fast looking like a full pile.

See, faithful boarding house days taught me to survive – I dare say I can win Gulder Ultimate Search five times with my hands tied behind my back…with Chidi Mokeme on my back. In fact, when I arrived camp, while others were complaining and wailing, I silently chuckled to myself: “my bush secondary school has made me a warrior capable of surviving ANY jungle!” (but omo, the school don tush up now oh, we – my set ±3 sets – were just the guinea pigs that experienced the school in its uncompleted days. We thank God. 😀 ).

One of the habits any of my school chums, and most of you fellow boarders, will remember vividly, which I particularly imbibed, was fetching, and stori…no, hiding, the bucket of water to be used for bathing the next morning the night prior. This resulted in time saving and avoiding lines, especially when the taps would usually suddenly fail to yield their much needed nectar. Wait oh, so all those years, this thing was subtly teaching me to plan ahead?! Yay bush!

Back to the present: I reached camp, and twas like secondary school replay – same limited taps, same overcrowding, so I pulled out my same survival habit: fetch and hide water the night prior. It worked great.

My story – on one of those days, I fetched the water in the evening. Carrying it into my room, and hiding it under my bunk bed, I was pleased. Climbing my top bunk (emphasis on top), I announced inwardly, patting myself on the back: “Now you are ready for tomorrow.” And then it occurred – I thought about my thought…and laughed.

All I had was a bucket of water – how in the WORLD did I think that prepared me for tomorrow?!

My Surprising Anchor For The Future!

People furiously read in college and universities, pouring in sweat and (borrowed) tuition money, not forgetting sleep, into educational institutions. Just as you are about to applaud them for such a burning desire to learn, you realize: they are doing all this because they firmly believe they will get great jobs because of their certificates. What?! Why in the world would you believe a diploma automatically guarantees you a steady paying income, especially with the way the world is today? Some of them are genuinely shocked when they graduate and discover they have to find a job and be very good at it, like they were expecting companies to line up at their door and go, “You’ve got one of those ‘certificate’ things, right? *hands out envelope* Here’s your job, and three weeks advance pay! Sorry we couldn’t do better.” I sense majority of youths today are chugging buckets…

You believe he/she loves you. What is the basis for your swooning? “He/She said so/put a ring on my finger/yielded to my advances”. Time, history, pretty much every sensible person ever has taught us that real love is proven by ecifircas. (Don’t bother googling that: it’s just ‘sacrifice’ spelt backwards – hopefully writing it this way caused it to register in your mind, rather than gloss over it. You’re welcome.)

Amazingly, we still see people today who put their trust in people who have given them no reason or solid basis, asides words and ‘promises’ mostly, and when they do get disappointed, they cry up and down. “I’ve been betrayed/ditched!” Betrayals do happen sometimes, true. But other times, you were just trusting a bucket, my dear.

But you…you have no reason to worry, eh? After all, your bank account is ful–sorry, what was that? Oh, bank accountS, my bad! Your bank accounts are full, so what do you have to lose? Nothing can go wrong, right? I need not mention that a girnomous bank account could also be your koroba. It’s not a very good one though: just ask this guy. Or these guys. Good Lord, so many! This guy’s prediction was spot on.

The thought just sank in – I had no clue what the next day would bring, yet I was willing to trust one plastic bucket of water as my security. I was awakened to a grave mistake I had been oh so casually making…

…it then got me thinking: what else had I (subconsciously) become comfortable relying on that really was no security at all in the long run? Brains? Looks? Status? ‘Connections’? Hmmm…

  • “…keep sound and godly Wisdom and discretion, And they will be life to your inner self, and a gracious ornament to your neck (your outer self). Then you will walk in your way securely and in confident trust, and you shall not dash your foot or stumble.” (Proverbs 3:21-23 AMP)
  • “Every word of God is tried and purified; He is a shield to those who trust and take refuge in Him.” (Proverbs 30:5 AMP)
  • “Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in Me.” – Jesus Christ (John 14:1 MKJV)

(p.s. I later found out the next morning that the water I fetched was dirty – the taps were to blame. Some security that bucket of water turned out to be!)


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