My First Poem (kinda…)

As I’ve said time and again, my poetry sucks. And with daunting examples like this lady, ou cette mademoiselle, o ésta señorita, or this brother of mine (see his Facebook profile for more recent ones), in all likelihood it’ll continue being sucky for a loooong time compared to theirs…It’s like some people just have this ‘jazz’, crafting words in ways that catapult to terrestrial planes. Me? I write and wonder what rhymes with ‘orange’. -__-

But hey, what is life if you can’t attempt something new, right? (So long as it’s okay by God oh… *coughs*) Who knows, I may even become good at this!

Well, with this attempt, patapata, you wee laugh at me, but then I will shake it off and improve, hopefully! Yay!

Or I’ll go to my corner and cry all over my keyboard… 😥

With that, here goes: my first poem. Laugh away!   Enjoy   Bear with me. Please read on!