Power Pass Power!

I’m pals with the owner! I deserve it!” screamed the first executive.

“Nonsense!” the second retorted. “I gave him the money to start this hotel!” Please read on!


The Sun and The Moon

The Sun wasn’t always the majestic being of splendor we all love and cherish today: it used to be a haughty, thwarting, scheming star in the sky. It made every attempt to be recognized as the greatest source of light, shining brightly during the day, and more so during the night, preventing the other stars from performing at all. Round the clock, it hogged the heavens. But to its surprise, nobody, not even humanity, appreciated it or the role it played, as they once did – quite the contrary: everyone, including the other stars, scorned it more and more each day: it was almost becoming loathing. Please read on!

The Ocean and the Lake

There once was an ocean, grand and large in size, as well as ego. “I am the ocean! None can be compared to me! I sustain the life of many!” Like its tides, it vaunted endlessly.

One day, some builders approached it. “What do you all want?” it barked.

“Oh mighty ocean, may you grow ever grander!” they worshiped. “We have a project that we want you to be a part of, something that’ll make your fame and power even more widespread and beneficial. All it requires is that you follow a particular channel – ”

“CHANNEL?! I make my own way! Be gone! None can tame me, and none shall!” it bellowed.

“But it will make you more – !”

“Be gone!” it haughtily thundered. They had no choice: their plans were ruined because of the ocean’s denial.

On their way, however, they met a tiny lake that had been majorly ignored due to the ocean’s overbearing size. Pressing their luck, they approached it with their plan. Please read on!