His Weighty Sin

He kept washing and scrubbing his hands, but twas no good: he could still see them…stained with his sin.
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Hello? I’M PREGNANT!! Okay, Bye Now!!

He was in shock – of all the times for her to display her nonchalance, she chose now, and with this?

“But…I…we…” he stuttered.


He heaved, and breathed out, slowly. He steeled his nerves a bit.

“Are you sure?”

“You, the guy, is asking me, the lady, if I’m sure. Of all the cliché questions…thought you’d be more imaginative.”

He breathed in again. If this wasn’t huge, he’d have smacked her over the head already. He looked for a chair blindly with his free hand. Stumbling into one, he sat without looking, and, switching on his hands-free Bluetooth headset, he dropped the phone, and combed his hair with his hands: again, this was news. Huge news. And the gravity was sinking in more and more…

He asked a question that had been gnawing at him. “Who…Um…*sigh*…wow…have…have you told anyone else?”


“C’mon! Be serious!!” He realized he’d screamed that…relax…be a man…be a man…she didn’t reply.

“I’m sorry…it’s just…” he was lost for words. Which never happened. Even when his father-in-law had caught him snuggling with his wife when they were still dating – his father-in-law, the local gunsmith.

“I wasn’t joking, by the way: God was the first Person I told.”

“So…your husband…doesn’t…”

“No. He doesn’t know yet…but that should change very soon…”

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