Leafy Lesson

For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.
Romans 5:10

The above passage was a mental block for me. It just didn’t make (total) sense. I mean for years oh…you know when they say you lagi mo somtin?

Every time I read Romans and reached this particular verse, I’d stop and try dancing with it again, only to have the bull run me over once more!

My difficulty was in the phrasing: it said “…reconciled…by His death…” and similarly, “…saved by His life…” I found that…odd. Why didn’t it say something like “by HIM”? Why ‘by HIS DEATH/LIFE’?

I mean, saying “I am happy when the sun shines” is not necessarily the same thing as saying “I am made happy by the shining of the sun.”
In the same way, the passage seemed (to me) as communicating that Jesus’ death was not just an occurrence, but a phenomenon.

Hmmm…I just realised I may not have done a good job of communicating my difficulty with this passage. Lool…e ma binu! Me sef is having difficulty remembering the details! I guess that’s what happens when light comes in – your memory of the darkness immediately becomes foggy…

Perhaps it’ll be best to just go straight to the ‘lighting’ moment:

One day recent, I was walking in a garden, while giving God praise in my heart for the things I saw. I wondered at the life growing irrespective of external effort, and marvelled at creation in general.

As I did this, I came to a shrub that had shed some of its dead leaves. Looking down at one of those green-now-brown leaves, I marvelled again at God, “You’re such a genius that NOTHING ever goes to waste!” It was because I recalled my agric lessons, that dead leaves and organisms, even in death, still give life to the soil.

Then another thought occurred as I stared at that decaying leaf: Mehn, if even its death is benefitting the garden, just imagine how much more useful and beneficial it woulda been when alive! and like a sac of cement, the light of the above passage immediately dropped on me! It dawned! (Um…yeah, I haven’t actually had a sac of cement fall on me – na metaphor oh… :p)

It hit me, and the phrasing made perfect sense: if something as bad as an unimaginably humiliating death could still prove so beneficial, then how much more now that He’s alive – how much more beneficial to everyone would that be? More so, if His death could do such wonders for us, how much more His life in us, for us, and with us?! GLOOORYY!!



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