A while back, I had an honest question on my heart:

Are all religions, like spectra of light, actually the same, but labeling themselves differently (like many believe)?
If no, What exactly makes Christianity different from other religions?

In all honesty, chances are you’ve probably wondered the same thing.

Of course, in reality, they are NOT all the same…even a passive glance would give this truth away. However, I still wanted to know the finer points of difference, and the true qualities, phenomena and results to expect from each, particularly this one that claimed to have the Son of God as its Founder.

Well, I decided to ask the Originator of everything for the answer(s).

My heart…wow! #infodownloadweypassswift

Comparing what I’ve found with what is available largely today, I now realize that, truth be told, even many Christians, talk-less of others, have no clue Who Jesus was and exactly what He instituted.

It’s late now (2:31am as I type this), but I just…I just wanted to share one clear difference I’ve found, one that has been revealed to me.

Difference #1

Every other religion or moral authority…scratch that, even the average person, when asked “How do I make Heaven?” or “How do I live a good, nay great life?”, or even “How do I get God to be happy or pleased with me?” will answer the same way:

Do good.

Be good.

The labeling may be different, terminologies vary, but boil everything down (all the ‘good works’ and ‘charity’ and ‘morals’ and ‘self-control’ and so forth), and you’ll arrive at these two.

Except Jesus.

Jesus, says:

“You want to live a great life? It’s simple: let Me love you. Allow Me to love you.”

That phrase is so full, so rich, I fear breaking it down! In fact, I can’t break it down, not exhaustively anyway.

“Let Me Love You”

“Let Me cover your sins with My sacrifice.”

“Let Me show you how to live.”

“Let Me energize you – spirit, soul and body – to be and do great things.”

“Let Me be your example.”

“Let Me give you ideals to aspire to.”

“Let Me purify you daily.”

“Let Me bless you with people and things to enjoy.”

“Let Me fellowship with you.”

“Let Me make you into Me!

I have to stop here – going on would make this blog post impossible to finish.

Of course, this is not the only unique point I discovered, just one of the latest. As the Lord helps me, I shall share more.

But, I believe meditating even on the above should be enough to indelibly change you. For this, I offer no apology.


2 thoughts on “Inquests

  1. #angry tone….I’m angry with you, I spent a huge chunk of yesterday reading trying to read all the articles on this blog, why didn’t I know about the blog early enough so that I wouldn’t have to read previous posts…I got so carried away I forgot there were other things to be done, this blog is too enthralling!

    On a lighter note, well done…cheers 🙂


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