Proof (contd. from the previous post)

Proof Of The Bible Being Ahead Of You

In the previous post, I made a statement, that the Bible in its wisdom is far above you, regardless of where you stand right now. Here, I attempt to provide a little proof of that statement.

Now, I’m not trying to be religious here or anything, honest to God. I’m just so….excited! I see and gain so much from the Bible about various areas of life, not just morals. My life – as well as those of countless others – has been upgraded from its *shudder* utterly base former state and made so much better and purer, that I want everyone to see and gain too, hence these posts!

Chai! How many of society’s celebrated principles are so woefully low, nay near madness?! I could pick any popular but very misguided notions readily available on fashion, sex, marriage, business, relationships, but I’ll do it with a topic even more simple (and relatable) to many: debt.

For many currently debt is an accepted way of life – people owe each other, people owe companies, a ni even nations owe nations. (Who knows, maybe the device you are reading this post on still has a payment due!) Despite its many and continual casualties, nowadays debt seems to be like one of those cousins that you don’t really like, but that somehow your oblivious relatives consistently pair you with to ‘have fun’.

But what does the ‘old book’ have to say about debt? *sly grin* the ‘levels of wisdom’ keep graduating, so I’ll break it down bit by bit:

*drumroll please*

Some Biblical Wisdom On ‘Debt’

Level 1:

Bible: NEVER borrow with no intention of paying back – that’s wrong, evil even. Get out of debt. (Psalm 37:21, Romans 13:8)

Your likely reaction: Sure, that makes sense. Hard, yeah, but I wholly support that.

Level 2:

Bible: You know what? Now, don’t even borrow – period. Live within your means. (1 Timothy 6:8, Hebrews 13:5)

Your likely reaction: *laughs* In this day and age? Ko possible. But…I guess I can see the sense in that…

Level 3:

Bible: Now that you don’t borrow, if anyone – and ‘anyone’ includes that person you hate – wants to borrow from you, lend them. (Matthew 5:42, Proverbs 3:28)

Your likely reaction: Eh?! Are you okay?! Now you’re taking things too far!

Level 4:

Bible: Same as level #3, but this time – lend without expecting or forcing the person to pay you back (Luke 6:30-35).

Your likely reaction: *you’ve started packing your things*

Level 5:

Bible: Go out of your way to purposely give money and other things to those you full well know can’t pay you back. (Luke 14:12-14)

Your likely reaction: *eerie silence, as you’ve already walked away tey tey*

Dear reader, I ask you: at what level did you conclude the Bible’s words on debt are impossible, outdated, or not just for you? (you don’t need to answer that. 😀 )

Yet, I can assure that there are some wealthy people in this world (that you likely respect) who keep practicing those instructions as if their lives depended on it. Just google that ‘Rockefeller’ dude. Read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and you will see all this there. Bill Gates who is currently helping many of the poorest families in this world by eradicating polio for them nko? And guess what? These same people will tell you point blank that they are not following those Biblical principles because they are wealthy, but that they are wealthy because they follow those principles. Most likely they’ll call the principles ‘common sense’ even!

And the strange but true thing is, it is common sense! But you have to upgrade in your financial IQ to see it that way!

And this is only on debt oh…how about other areas of life?

The Book is faaaaaaar ahead mehn… Sit down with it and see for yourself!


“Your teachings are wonderful, and I respect them all. Understanding your word brings light to the minds of ordinary people.” (Psalms 119:129-130 CEV)


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