Behind, Yet Sooo Faaar Ahead!

Good evening!

I heard a statement quite recently that was so profound, and I want to share it with you…

A friend and I were discussing how much we were ‘growing to love’ reading the Bible – like…like…like a girl suddenly realizing the boy she had been hesitant about was actually her Prince Charming all alon…yeeah, um, sorry about the analogy, but no other one readily came to mind as I typed this. 😀

*(update: I wrote this last week, and posting it now I still don’t have another analogy. Chalk that either to the wonder of the mystery, or good ol’ writer’s block. Either way, I plead the 5th, yankee style. 😀 )

This was the conclusion (and profound statement) I heard:

The Statement

You see, there is a very high likelihood of you reading or approaching the Bible and concluding, ‘What sort of ancient way of life is this?! It’s soo backward! Surely no one, except a religious nut, can take this stuff seriously or literally, at least not all of it. Thank goodness society has developed far above this archaic collection of precepts and ordinances’.

Should you be at home with this mentality, you really are not alone. Forget ‘critical’ thinkers and analysts who put it down – today, even Christians who by their very name are supposed to read the Bible diligently, usually don’t, scorning it (either purposely or ignorantly) and choosing instead to listen to preachers, messages, go to seminars, and read and highly prize many other books except this one, much less think about its words. Meditate? On this old book?! People romanticize it, hail it, and even greatly defend it against any form of defamation. But to read and take its words literally, applying them to any part of their lives? Fogerrabourit mehn! No one wants the ‘old time religion’ no more! It’s just so…old! And difficult, nay impossible!

But here is the thing: what you don’t realize is that it’s not the Bible that’s behind – it’s actually you. You see, you are sooo backward in your thinking and mindsets, that honestly like a child that can’t comprehend, much less appreciate the speed at which the heavenly bodies rotate and revolve above – it is a bit impossible for you, as you are now, to realize the Bible is faaaaaar ahead in its wisdom for living (mehn, what is it with me and these sucky analogies?! -__-).

By the time you grow just a bit in wisdom, learn a little bit more about life, and become a little more pure in your thinking, go back to that same Bible. Then you will have that astounding moment of humiliation – when you realize that not only have your ‘discoveries’ about living a good life been plainly documented since, but that you are still a learner that’s woefully low on the rung of life’s ladder, and this book is at the top.

But this humiliation is followed by another astounding moment – when you begin to ‘decode’ the Bible and realize, ‘Good Lord – this thing is SIMPLE! AND PRACTICAL!!’ As you grow, you begin to conclude and appreciate more and more the sweet simplicity encased in those ancient words – it becomes ‘honey’!

Yet another astounding moment – after a while of reading and applying by yourself, you that used to think the Bible was ‘old-school’ now looks back on your own life and approach to things and begin to doubt yourself, ‘This can’t be me – WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING?!?! IS IT POSSIBLE I WAS AT ONE TIME THIS IGNORANT?!?!’

The astounding moments don’t stop, for as you read more, you grow more, and the continual cycles of astonishments, wonder and change keep you bound to that ‘old’ book.

(this post continues here. Please read on! 🙂 )



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