And The World Did End

“The world is ending, like they fortold!” she panicked.
“Superstitious fool…It’s an ordinary eclipse!” he rebuked. “Certainly not – ”
“Sleep with me,” she suddenly demanded. “I don’t want to die unloved!”
“Then undress! Quickly, before the world ends!” he suddenly capitulated.
It’s the end of the world, she reasoned. My being HIV-positive doesn’t matter anymore…


2 thoughts on “And The World Did End

  1. Ok, this is a little somehow.
    What did she mean by she did not want to die unloved? At first impulse, it suggests that she did not want to die without experiencing the pleasure of sex. So how did she contact HIV? Sounds she would have most probably through sex.

    Well, too much reasoning for a 55-word fiction won’t hurt now, would it?

    • Ah, my ‘change’ caught up with me. -____-
      I originally wrote her saying she didn’t “…want to die a virgin“, thereby suggesting she was born that way, but at the last moment I changed it to “unloved”, with the thought that she got infected ‘somehow’ and was now towing the line of abstinence, till this encounter (and you know some people erroneously label sex ‘love’ too)
      *sigh* -____-
      Too much reasoning ke? Any story should (reasonably) agree, be it 5,000 or 55 words! Thanks mademoiselle! 😀


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