Your Room Full of Money!

I originally wanted to title this “Your truck full of money”, but finding a picture of a truck full of money (to go with the post) was surprisingly…difficult. Then I tried trailer, and still came up dud. Kept on trying different iterations — don’t even let me BEGIN to discuss what I found when I tried ‘molue‘! — until I came up with the pic below, hence the name ‘room full of money’





You know what? I can’t resist again: I won’t discuss, but I will give you one of the things I found with ‘molue’

*still trying to come up with a caption as ridiculous as this pic*

…the things you find on the internet…

(see the rest here, courtesy of our good help-meet Google.)

Sha, as I dey yarn, I hope you aren’t tiring of my life lessons/musings…honestly, I’d have loved to write some poetry that would stir your soul, but my poetry currently sucks. I can’t write good poems, well, not like this gal…or this. Heck, certainly not as good as this chap. Good news is, I am seem to be plan on improving my poetic skills, so enjoy òrò-ayé (lit. ‘words of life’) till then!


Imagine if you and a friend of yours were poor. No, not poor as in, I-can’t-afford-a-PS2-of-my-own poor, I mean the I-haven’t-eaten-in-so-long-my-own-thighs-are-beginning-to-look-tasty kind…middle of the desert, no food to eat or water to drink for miles, acres and acres of dusty earth…yeah, streeeeeeetch that your imagination well: we’ll need it for this lesson to stick.

Now, as you and your friend are eyeing the other’s thighs and hoping for the other to fall asleep so that you’ll slice and chow them (na wa o, I’m wondering what kind of friend you chose to get broke with), a…um, shigidi? No…genie?

Sure, let’s go with that.

So a genie suddenly appears and announces, “Great news! Today’s your lucky day, for because this author couldn’t possibly paint this situation more dire than it already is without inciting the wrath of every folktale lover out there, I’ve been sent by the Happy Endings Corporation to make sure you guys get a proper happy ending. Happy Endings Corp.: we always get you your ‘happily ever after’, even if it means ruining the plot!”

And with a snap of his fingers, he/she/it (the sex of these things is not required in the Happy Endings Corp. workers registration forms, so we’re never sure) lands you both in your very own rooms full of money!

room full of money

You can finally buy a PS2! And not get eaten! Huzzah!

Fortunately, the rooms are also in the middle of civilization, so you can spend as you want! (the author is trying to avoid a lawsuit from HE Corp.)

But as you rejoice over your luck, literally swimming in your pile, you eventually notice: not all the bills are crisp clean. Some of them are worn and wrinkled, some are ajebuta-level torn, many are ajepaki-level torn…you get the gist. (in your face HE C.!)

Now, if you are like me, this doesn’t bother you one bit: in fact, you are already strategizing how you will use N20 out of the pile to buy celotape and get to work patching, and transporting the unpatchables to the bank to be changed. No time! Basically, you’re still cool, and swimming.

But you hear a shriek from your friend’s room. You rush over and inquire the problem. You find out it’s the same problem as yours. You sigh in relief, and assure that aal iz still well.

But your friend doesn’t listen. They can’t stand it! “All the bills are meant to be clean and perfect!” they exclaim. You think they’re overreacting…until you notice them doing something that baffles you even more:

They begin using the clean bills to buy gallons of petrol, lots of matches, and other ignition stuff…then they use all those combustible materials to burn the dirty, worn out bills, all the while cursing the genie for ever deceiving them.

In case you didn’t read that well, let me say it again: your friend was soooo upset about the dirty, imperfect bills…that they used the clean, perfect bills to buy flammable materials…which they then used to burn the dirty, imperfect bills.

Your friend is not happy

Your friend is not happy

Once again, the question comes up: what kind of insane friend do you have?!


burning-money 2

Well, what if I told you that the insane friend in the analogy was actually you?

It’s not too hard to see, if you think about it: everyday, God wakes you up with 24 hours, gives you a batch load of blessings and a wonderful life (with emotions) to enjoy. You have everything you need to have a great day from beginning to end, everyday! But what do you do? Well, someone hurts/offends you, or something unfavourable happens, and instead of finding the quickest and most efficient means (e.g. forgiveness) to sharply correct that event/emotion and make the most of it (like learn?) so it doesn’t mar the enjoying of your life, you instead use all your energy to fuss over or dwell on it.

To dodge/avoid it.

To nag/worry about it.

To regret.

To curse.

To seek revenge.

To blame God.

To blame others.

To blame yourself.

At the end, you spend most of your energy and blessings trying to vanquish blemishes and wrongs…most of which might have just needed some patching.

burning-money 2

You are not happy

The weird thing is, you do this everyday. In fact, you may have been doing this for years! Sure, you may excuse yourself with clever quips like “I’m having a bad day/stressed”, “I’m not in the mood”, “I’m a woman: that’s how we are”, “I’m a guy, that’s how we behave”, “It wasn’t my fault!/I’m the victim”, and some of those excuses may be the fact sometimes…but what if…what if what you’re really doing is wasting — burning precious life moments?

When God showed me things in this light, I was stunned. I decided I’d stop wasting my precious emotions and energy on anything that would drain or incite me. Not that I’d deny or not experience unsavory emotions like getting annoyed, for example, but that I wouldn’t let the annoyance overcome or derail my making the most of the situation, and my continual enjoyment of other wonderful things God grants. It’s hard work, I assure you, but it’s faaaar better than the alternative, because you have no qualms with hearing someone say you are in a bad mood; but if they announced that you are wasting your life, and that time spent being fussy/mad/regretting/pondering past hurts/*insert negative emotion* is time missed out on enjoying life, that’s a different ball game entirely.

Laugh, love, forgive, dance, serve, build character…enjoy your life! Spend your resources wisely!

I sincerely hope you learnt from this analogy, as I did. And now, I end with that pic of The Joker burning money again: not because I’m trying to remind you of the lesson per se, but actually because I just darn love The Dark Knight movie. Two birds with one stone I guess.

burning-money 2


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