The Shigidi Projection

I have been (painfully) reminded of a lesson in procrastination. No worries, in a paragraph or two, you’ll be up to speed…

See, the idea for this post has been in my head, and notepad, for like a week or two. But lazy, and not-sticking-to-your-plan-me didn’t have the time, or ginger, to sit and type it. (My excuse is that I’ve been busy…but you know what they say about excuses…).

Why is this important? Well, because when the ‘revelation’ for this dropped, the title I thought of giving it was ‘The Madam Koin-Koin Extrapolation’.

You still don’t see why this is important? Poor you…*sigh* I’ll have to explain on…

Well, that’s what I thought of titling it, and I kept procrastinating. Until, that is, when I decided, hey, let’s kill this bird finally. But before I did, I perused some blogs in the neighbourhood.

That turned out to be my saving grace. And my painful lesson.

In perusing blogs, I happened on Mademoiselle Sharon’s blog, (um, Sharon, you are a Mademoiselle, oui? Make I know oh, make I no mistakenly pick fight with person wey don pay bride price, to avoid stories that touch…) where *gasp!* I discovered she had already written a blog post…no, series based on Madam Koin-Koin! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Now, I could no longer claim the right to having being the first to put something like that…my shot at originality had been squashed!! *insert heart-wrenching*

[By the way, y’all should check out that series…e meke mehn…(that’s ‘It’s great!’ to the rest of you non-wannabee-agberos)]

Now I know, I know…”Deolu, seriously? That’s it?! You drama queen…”. Well, that may be so, but the truth is, after crying for some hours, I just realized one of those life lessons had been communicated to me: procrastination is dangerous. Well, I thank God – turns out she had actually started that series waaaay before my idea came up, so I’d have just been ignorantly shooting myself in za foot. Plus, in this case, it had only been a (claim to an original) blog post that had been lost – of the which I coulda even proceeded with the same title sef. But still, what if it was something more grave, like a winning lottery ticket, or free petrol fuel, or a Dell-XPS-14z-corei7-laptop give-away bonanza??? (To all you Secret Santas out there: *hint* *hint*)

Well, what do you know…it turns out my explanation for the blog post turned out to be a blog post on its own. Wow, God really is good oh: He taught me one lesson while teaching me about yet another lesson. Looking at it that way, I guess my pain is turned to joy, and hey: you got to learn something too, no? All the same, forgive me, as I felt the explanation was necessary; please read the real ‘another’ lesson here.




One thought on “The Shigidi Projection

  1. Deolu: Would you believe I also procrastinated before finally writing down the story? I guess inasmuch as writing is enjoyable, it takes some measure of discipline, and that’s the hard part. Well, ‘part’ of the hard part. You should still write your own version of Madam Koin-Koin jo. There is surely something new you have to share. Thanks for the compliments, by the way. I appreciate it.

    P.S. Mademoiselle is just fine.


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