On Older Lovers

♪♫ Ẹṣubiribiri ẹbomi oh! ♫♪

I love (quality) music so much! Being a jazz person, it’s hard to not understand why…

♪♫ Baba moke pe ọ oh…jọ nọ mi o la peregede!! ♫♪

And that brings me to my latest discovery: King Sunny Ade (Lord knows who crowned him o…)

Your eyeballs are probably popping outta your sockets by me labeling someone who’s been around for generations ‘latest discovery’. Well, he’s my latest discovery. Up until recently, he was just a folder on my lappie I occasionally romanced, but now? Omo, na full blown love one tin-tin mehn!

Here’s one from him (popular to most of you born pre-1990):

If you’re wondering about what kind of ‘youth’ I am to actually have an entire folder for KSA, then it’s probably dangerous to reveal I have one for Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey too, right beside his (Lord knows who ordained him ‘Chief Commander’ o…), and yet another for the classical classicals (them Handel, Chopin n Beethoven them them). Don’t have a conniption, stay with me…

♪♫ Alaṣẹ l’aye, alaṣẹ l’ọrun… ♫♪

I tell you! In fact, was discussing with a friend on the quality of Nigerian music, and how we seem to have sped-off a cliff in this generation. I mean, I saw SSP (that’s ‘Sir Shina Peters’, Lord knows who knighted him o…okay seriously, what’s with the titles guys?!) performing on The Teju Babyface Show, and for all the arangy-juju-boiz stories I’ve heard about him, I had to admit: I was stunned. Watching him play, I was spellbound. This guy’s insane mehn! I think that’s where my torrid affair with the older men started. Don’t judge me, love is blind.

But on another note, what’s up with our music nowadays? It’s like in our Nigerian musical history, somewhere between 1996 – 1999, a switch just flipped. I mean, I remember guys who vomited excellence…

…wait…sorry, terrible choice. They oozed excellence…ah, better!

So these guys, them KSA, Fela (yes, I am naming Fela; bad boy, yes, but great musician. Terrible combo though…), Lagbaja, Okosuns…too many people to name now sef…these guys oozed excellence – they knew their stuff! Some other artists also came up after them, especially in R n B, and did us proud. But nowadays, it seems songs get (dis)played simply because someone somewhere splashed some money somehow. Well, I hope I don’t come off in this article as ‘old’ and as a ‘hater’, but you gotta admit: something’s up with our definition of ‘good’ music nowadays.

Sorry, seeing the song above made me leave my keyboard and dance. Will get back to you in a while…





♪♫ Coolu coolu coolu temper…*feminine voice :* coolu temper! ♫♪

Whew! God has to be a genius for inventing music!!

Okay! In other ramblings news:

In fact, this is just the perfect setting for my confession for the week: since we’re on the subject of music, lemme just spill it – I have never heard an Adele song. I also have never heard her sing.

♪♫ Nigeria yii, ti gbogbo wa ni… ♫♪

That wasn’t a joke. I’m serious

Aww, c’mon! Stop judging me with those ‘Deolu!-are-you-on-this-planet-at-all?!-What-rock-are-you-living-under?!’ eyes! There’re people I’ve heard that you haven’t! Like who? Like my mum! And Fragile State! And my mum! Ah-ha! See!? Comot the igi from your eye mehn…

Well, since na confession, let me just add Taylor Swift to that list. #PeopleIHaven’tHeardSing 😀

It was raining as I typed this…a beautiful reminder that the world, without humanity, has a life of its own…

Laugh, live, love…you know, when you boil it down, life is incredibly simple.

Not easysimple. Of course, it doesn’t help that we ‘smart’ humans now complicate it even more…gosh …

It seems my ISP is also ‘enjoying the rain’, and now behaving sluggish (my heart won’t let me name you sorry guys on the internet, but one more mess-up, and chai! No more hiding!).

Just saw a photo of a number of billionaire philanthropists, and the greatness in me was stirred. I have to be great, lives and destinies are dependent on it…

Not necessarily famous, mind you. Greatness primarily means I have to always obey God and always give my best in everything…inspiration for the next gen doesn’t grow on trees you know…

…except the next gen is full of crack heads and weed-smokers, of course…

Why are some people comfortable with leaving another worse-off than when they met them? How can you live with yourself knowing someone’s actively regretting the day you crossed paths? I honestly don’t get it…why not leave good memories? *sigh* self-complicating humans…

Huh…weird: I felt sleepy a while ago, but (the sound of) the rain is somehow…energizing me. Hmmm…the beauty and power of nature! I must take charge of this glorious moment: after this, I’ll get a chair, sit on the balcony, and observe the radiant display of creation…

For where!? What I will do is sit on my man-made couch watching man-made Generator Rex, or maybe Mythbusters, on our man-made TV. Forgive me nature, I’m only human…

♪♫ Ma jaiye oni o! Mi o mẹni ọla o! ♫♪

p.s. for those of you who know me personally, and were silently mocking my known lack of Yoruba skills, God dey see u o, on top Plasma sef…



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