The Sun and The Moon

The Sun wasn’t always the majestic being of splendor we all love and cherish today: it used to be a haughty, thwarting, scheming star in the sky. It made every attempt to be recognized as the greatest source of light, shining brightly during the day, and more so during the night, preventing the other stars from performing at all. Round the clock, it hogged the heavens. But to its surprise, nobody, not even humanity, appreciated it or the role it played, as they once did – quite the contrary: everyone, including the other stars, scorned it more and more each day: it was almost becoming loathing.

One day, the Moon, pointing out the obvious state of things, came up with a suggestion: not only should the Sun yield the night, but it should also feed the Moon with light. Knowing the Moon produced no light of its own, the Sun suspected it was trying to steal its glory, and so turned it down. But things didn’t turn for the better, so it later grudgingly accepted.

As agreed, the Sun let the Moon have the sky and its light for the first night. And humanity loved the new surprise! The wolves howled, families told stories, lovers gazed longingly…all under the brilliant full Moon. The Sun groaned: it had been tricked! But the Moon bade it be patient, and to try the arrangement still. For a whole week, the Moon shone brilliant, and humanity awed.

But slowly, the Sun discovered that as people realized it had left the night for the Moon, and that the Moon could only shine that bright because of the light from it, their moods changed. They began to pray for it whenever it rained, thanked it when it shone brilliant during the day, some even worshipping it as a god. Their appreciation returned.

The Sun has continued to share the sky with the Moon, and even other stars, till this day: it had learnt its lesson, to


© Adeleye Adeolu, 2012. All Rights Reserved. No part of this story must be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the author’s permission.


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