The Ocean and the Lake

There once was an ocean, grand and large in size, as well as ego. “I am the ocean! None can be compared to me! I sustain the life of many!” Like its tides, it vaunted endlessly.

One day, some builders approached it. “What do you all want?” it barked.

“Oh mighty ocean, may you grow ever grander!” they worshiped. “We have a project that we want you to be a part of, something that’ll make your fame and power even more widespread and beneficial. All it requires is that you follow a particular channel – ”

“CHANNEL?! I make my own way! Be gone! None can tame me, and none shall!” it bellowed.

“But it will make you more – !”

“Be gone!” it haughtily thundered. They had no choice: their plans were ruined because of the ocean’s denial.

On their way, however, they met a tiny lake that had been majorly ignored due to the ocean’s overbearing size. Pressing their luck, they approached it with their plan.

“A channel for me to follow? Gosh, I don’t know…” doubted the lake. “I mean, why me? I’m only a lake: what can I achieve? Why not approach the ocean?” But still they pressed. Finally, the lake agreed: “If you insist, but I still believe I can’t do as much as the ocean.”

So the builders began construction, building a dam and the channel…eventually, when they were through, they asked the lake to rage with all its might. Scared at first, it eventually braced up, and gave its best – and to its shock, the force of the rage became exponentially more powerful as it was directed along the channel; so powerful, in fact, that it, coupled with the fall from the dam, was able to drive a number of turbines, thus generating electricity for the entire city! Everyone showered their appreciation on the lake! It couldn’t believe its own capability, and the ocean could only look in despair at the glory that could’ve been its own, for it learnt too late that


© Adeleye Adeolu, 2012. All Rights Reserved. No part of this story must be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the author’s permission.



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