My Very First

Ah, the glory of small beginnings…and their absolutely clueless beginners. What’s the human race, if not chock full of ’em?!

Here I am, world: taking a new risk, starting to turn my own huge gigantic flywheel o’ blogging, hoping eventually, after all the initial inertia exerted in shoving, it picks up steam, and births something so beneficial to all homo sapiens even I couldn’t have imagined…and that’s saying a lot, because my imagination is quite zany, thank God…

Well, recently heard somewhere that no one cares how you start: it’s how you finish that matters and that everyone remembers. A simply profound thought…that is, unless you’re making an omelet, or about to perform open-heart surgery…then how you start matters, a lot.

Anyways, this is my very very very first blog post. For legacy and memorial things. I’m actually just bleary-eyed-1am-in-the-morning-free-styling right now on my faithful XPS for this post…it’s more for me than it is for you, dear read…oh my gosh…someone’s reading this?? Already?! Yay my blog!! 🙂



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